Maria Scarinci


When I first started to work for Total Tools, it was brought to my attention the challenge to attract candidates with a high investment level. I always believed that this was not an issue. In my opinion the challenge laid in emotionally engaging with our candidates through rich content, telling stories that they could relate to and connecting the business opportunity with their life/work and financial aspirations.

Once that connection was made, communicating the strength of the model and financial potential were one step away from closing the deal.

What once was a challenge today is their strength.

I am here to help you achieve your franchise sales goals by increasing the number of qualified leads you get today.

I talk from experience AND passion for the Franchising Industry.
Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified

I have proven success records working for franchise companies that I have helped hit their lead generation targets, enter countless new markets and, bringing millions of dollars in sales.

Not only have I been involved in generating business for these franchising companies, I have also been involved in the whole franchise recruitment process, which gives me a wide spectrum of the industry and most importantly, a high understanding of how buyer’s purchasing process works.

I have now chosen to assist franchising companies to achieve their lead generation goals and increase their ROI.

If you think this is what you are looking for, just contact me for a free chat.


“During Maria’s time with Total Tools, her main focus was generating quality leads in order to recruit franchisees to accelerate new store growth which had stagnated under previous management and departments. The results were outstanding and a number of key outcomes were achieved which allowed the company to deliver results never seen before in the 25-year history of the group”

Anthony Cavanagh

GM Development, Total Tools

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